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Year Of The Tiger

2022 has been the year of the Tiger in the Chinese Zodiac. To be in the year of the tiger we were meant for big changes, a year of risk taking, and adventure. Individuals are meant to find enthusiasm again, get fired up, generosity was meant to be at an all time high, and social progress was meant to feel possible again. 

In this post-COVID world that we now live in, how did it feel? Did you feel the year of the Tiger was on your side, do you think the omens and stars aligned for you? What has come of your individuality, your adventures, progress, and community? What topics are haunting you, or worth celebrating? 

Bread & Circus invites you to submit to the open call for a closing out of 2022, The Year Of The Tiger. 

“Add a testimonial from someone who loves what you do.”

Jane Doe

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