Current Exhibit:

Sleek Playing Field: Feb 25th-Mar 26th

Past Exhibits:

Exquisite Corpse: Feb 2nd-Feb 12th

Year of the Tiger: Nov 17th-Dec 31st

Dissimulation: Sept 15th-Nov 5th

Our Web: July 21st-Sept 3rd

You Tell Me: An Interactive Title Show
May 18th-July 8th

Waiting on a Downfall: March 23rd-May 8th

Set IT Off!: Sept 16th-Oct 17th

Safety Net: Sept 16th-Oct 17th

Masculinity: July 8th-Aug 21st

Language of Rabbits: May 6th-June 17th

Memoir: May 6th-June 17th

Nature Calls: March 4th- April 12th

‘Nature Calls’ highlights artists who are making work, in any medium, confronting the environmental issues caused by humans. Exploring the relationship that humans have with nature and the effects of their co-existence. Using nature as the narrating voice, “Nature Calls” features artworks framing the discussion around ongoing conflicts between consumerism, waste, pollution, greed and politics.

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