Step right up! Feast your eyes on the spectacle of Bread & Circus

Bread & Circus is an art gallery and artist residency located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Indiana is considered the crossroads of America, and Fort Wayne embodies the geographical placement of that phrasing. Fort Wayne is located three hours from Chicago, three hours from Detroit, and 2 hours from Indianapolis. For the duration of 2021 Bread & Circus will be located inside of the Wunderkammer Company facility.

The gallery is located just outside downtown Fort Wayne. The 07’ area is a zip code, on the south side, known for its diversity, support of the artist community, and family oriented neighborhoods. With convenience and ease visitors can bike, or drive to downtown shops, restaurants, or museums.

Bread and Circus hosts two group shows and four solo shows for our artists in residence. There are two artist-in-residence programs, one for locals, and one for non-locals. The local residency program is limited to Fort Wayne and immediate surrounding area artists. The non-local residency program is built to encourage artists from outside of the Fort Wayne community to participate in our programing. The group shows will highlight our artists in residence and discuss a vast array of topics. 

The Peanut Gallery is our store located on premise. Highlighting local and national artists, we offer a new outlet in Fort Wayne for artists to display and sell their work. The works and crafted items in the shop are hand picked and curated. A strict rotation throughout the year will be managed in order to keep opportunities open for artists and ensuring a fresh shopping experience!

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